Joker (ジョーカー)

based in Nagoya, Japan.

E-mail: youngmondayy@gmail.com


YOUNGMONDAY started when I uploaded my photo to Instagram on May 13th, 2016. The illustrations are characteristically minimalist, based around black and white with unnecessary lines pared away. Buried in the artwork I submits, including illustrations and photographs, are various messages about topics such as "love" and "happiness". Beyond that, I started a clothing line in summer 2017.

Record of my curiosity.



A brand started by Joker, an artist whose activities are based in Nagoya, Japan in 2017. Its distinguishing feature is its minimalist design that uses black and white as its underlying tones and cuts off unnecessary lines. The brand releases many messages, such as about love and happiness, included in various artworks, like illustrations and photographs. We'd like you to check that more embroidery than in the first collection has been introduced in the apparel line, too, and also that items with special attention paid to their touch and feel are being developed.​